Leg day

Training your legs often leaves you walking funny for the next few days, it hurts and it isn’t as glamourous as lifting heavy weights on the bench. But. Training your legs is an important part of a healthy, athletic body.

you often hear of people skipping leg day, or not even training their legs at all, and I can understand why. Your legs often go overlooked and aren’t the muscles you tend to show off, getting your thigh out might not be considered the manliest thing out there.

I need to start with physiology, the muscles in your legs are the biggest in the body, they are under constant stress especially if you’re carrying extra weight. Your bones, joints and muscle tissue work constantly, transporting you from A to B and supporting your upper body. To aid your legs and relieve the stresses from everyday activity, the best ting you can do is train your legs when leg day comes round to it, don’t make excuses.

Your legs are the powerhouse of the body if you are losing weight and or training to become an athlete the strong legs are a must. Usain Bolt doesn’t skip leg day, The Gronk doesn’t skip leg day, these athletes are at the top of their game and the most important thing they train? Their legs.

Why do my legs hurt after leg day?

If you have trained your legs before, you will know the pain that follows, the next few days can be a nightmare, simple tasks like walking around the house, or taking the trash out can be agony and don’t even mention the stairs!

The short answer to this question is that its due to the stress of putting your legs through a strenuous workout, the longer answer; the pain is down to something called DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, the pain is due to microtrauma. when working out the muscles you work suffer microscopic tears due to being pulled and pushed in different ways. The pain you feel is these tears and their process of regrowing.

To combat the after leg day pain, don’t just work your legs once a week, put it into your regular workout rotation, this will decrease the amount of time you spend suffering and walking like Pingu.

Look at your legs as if they were foundations in a house, you need solid foundations to hold up solid walls.



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