Whey to go!

When anyone talks about going to the gym to build muscle the words Whey Protein are often thrown around, and with good reason! However, protein has a large list of benefits for those looking to lose weight through fat loss too. We will look at both uses for protein and how you can get the best out of your daily protein intake.

I use whey protein on a daily basis, a 200ml shake after the gym not only helps rehydrate myself but also kick start the recovery process.

What is whey protein?

Not too long ago whey was considered the waste product made when you were making cheese. A chemical process occurs and milk is split into two products, like the nursery in the Little Miss Moffet, curds and whey, the curds being the cheese and the whey the watery substance left behind. This is then processed into the powder we all know and love!

what are the benefits of taking protein supplements?

Well, there are quite a few for both muscle growth and fat loss actually;

Muscle Growth:

  1. Whey protein is high in leucine, which is very important when building muscle.
  2. There are high levels of amino acids in whey protein, this aids in muscle repair and growth

Fat loss:

  1. Whey protein is great at kerbing hunger cravings! There was a study done in 2014 where overweight participants were given either whey protein or a carbohydrate hunger suppressant, the results showed that whey protein was better at suppressing hunger in the participants.
  2. Whey protein encourages the growth of lean muscle while you are burning the fat. This is great because muscle tissue burns three times the calories per pound that fat.
  3. Protein shakes can be a great way of meeting your diet goals, each shake I drink contains 125 calories.

Do I have to drink protein shakes to take whey protein?

In short, no. You can do all sorts with protein powder including adding a scoop to your morning yoghurt or even baking with it. All you need to do is substitute 1/3 of the flour within your recipe for protein powder and you too can have guilt-free protein snacks.* See this week’s edition of PWR – Afterburn for a full recipe for protein flapjacks. CLICK HERE to subscribe to Afterburn and be in with a chance of winning a month supply of protein


Whey protein is a fantastic addition to your diet. It can aid in both fat loss and muscle growth. Most websites that sell protein offer taster packs at relatively inexpensive prices alternatively you can head down to your local Holland & Barrett and try the samples there!

Bulk powders Vanilla flavoured protein powder. Each 30g serving contains 23g of protein.


*please note that too many guilt-free snacks are not good and become guilt ridden very quickly.


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