Starting your day off the right way

It is often said that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In short, I agree with that statement. I know that the idea of getting up before your day starts and making breakfast sounds daunting, but I promise you that once you see how easy it is to do, it will quickly become your favourite thing about waking up.

I used to skip breakfast all the time, or would have sweet sugary cereal or a HUGE stack of white toast with lashings of salted butter! While the stack of toast and butter was and still is very tasty, it is very bad for you, packed with carbohydrates, sugar and fat. This is not the ideal way to start your day.

If you are just looking for a VERY simple easy breakfast that will keep you full and then head to your local store and grab a box of fortified wheat cereal (Weetabix Protein is a good choice.) This still isn’t the best for you, but it is considerably better than the sugary processed cereal or half a loaf of bread.

Now for what I have for breakfast. I start my day with 2 WHOLE eggs, yes yolk included, one slice of brown toast, no butter and a handful of spinach. This breakfast covers most of the major food groups.

Breakfast: Eggs, Spinach, Brown Toast

Eggs: Protein + Fat
Bread: Carbohydrate + Fibre
Spinach: Fibre + Iron + Vitamin D

A breakfast like this will help set your body and mind up for the coming day and ward off hunger until you next eat.

Eating breakfast breaks your body’s natural overnight fasting period and will kick start your metabolism from the first bite. This is very important when you are wanting to lose weight. When wanting to lose weight keeping your metabolism elevated will help you burn calories even when resting.

There are a number of things that you could have for breakfast to kickstart your day in a healthy way. This is just one way of getting your day off to a good start. Subscribe to PWR – – Afterburn

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