A little introduction

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Luke Plevin and I am on a journey to change my outlook on life. How about a little back story… (I hope you’re sitting comfortably, this might get a little deep.)

I have always struggled with my weight, I was always one of the fat kids at school. PE lessons and sports days were the banes of my life; I hated them with a passion as this fat asthmatic kid couldn’t keep up with his class. I distinctly remember passing out during the first sports day of my high school life because I had stupidly decided that I was going to prove everyone wrong and compete in the 1500 meter race.
WHAT WAS I THINKING? I made it halfway round the first lap of the school track and blacked out. This was one of the most embarrassing things to happen to an 11-year-old in high school.

Fast forward to the end of my school life; don’t worry you’ve not missed much it was filled with the cliched cliques, the sporty type, the academic type, the girls and us, the ones who fit in between it all. I suffered my fair share of bullying, having glasses and being overweight did me no favours.
I  am now 18 and just finishing my A Levels, this is the time when you celebrate your youth and go on holiday with your friends to somewhere hot and cheap. We chose Salou in Spain. There I was the fat kid with a bunch of friends who all looked great. I was the token member of the group. See the gallery for pictures to go alongside this. I came back from Salou depressed and ashamed with the way I looked so I decided to do something about it. I started swimming and eating better. I completely cut out bread and wheat flour. This worked for a while and I dropped around 20lbs. I was all set to continue this then a friend came to stay and that turned it on its head completely landing me right back at square 1 just before I started University.

They say you either lose weight or gain weight when you start at a university. Sadly I fell into the latter category; a combination of drink and cheap bad food saw to that. I lived that way throughout my first and second year at University until the summer before I went into my final year. This summer was a special one, my mother turned 50 in April and we had decided to go and do something crazy, we went to GoApe in Grizedale Forest in the North of England. Read how that was on my other blog, accessible via the main website. I was only just allowed to take part in the high wire course due to my weight. This hurt me. It cut deep. It had got to a stage where my weight was impacting what I could and couldn’t do. I knew something had to change.
The summer was not however filled with joy as I had expected, but sadness that my partner’s grandmother had been diagnosed with ALS and it was down to those closest to her to look after her. I included. This lead me to revert right back to the way I was even though I had made the decision I needed to change. The fact we were all stressed enabled me to give myself excuses to over eat, to stress eat and to binge.
Going into my final year of university I was at my heaviest. at 310lbs (22.14 stone) or 140kg. I knew then that I needed to change. This time it was going to be a permanent change.

I joined the university gym and started eating cleaner than I ever had before. cutting down portion sizes, eating more vegetables and counting my calorific intake using MyFitnessPal, if you haven’t got heard of it, I highly recommend trying it out and logging your food intake just to see how much you are eating. Armed with a gym on the doorstep and a new eating plan I set to in making the changes my body needed and by graduation less than a year from when I started I had dropped 75lbs to 235lbs or to 106kg. I had never felt better. I was still overweight but I had made a change to my life that I was going to stick to.

After graduation, I moved to Bath and my weight fluctuated a little gaining a few pounds and losing a few, but never really dipping below the 235lb mark. This frustrated me and I decided to get back to the gym.  Finding a gym that suited my needs was difficult as there are a number of gyms here in Bath. I settled on  Fitness First. mainly because of its central location and the support offered there by the gym staff. Between September and the end of December of 2016, I trained at Fitness First a few times a week, focusing largely on cardio work as that is what had worked for me in the past. Roll on January 2017 and I decided to step it up a little bit, going to 4 days a week and improving my eating once more, portion controlled nutritious and balanced meals. By the time my birthday came around I had dropped to 213lbs or 97kg. Don’t worry, even though we went out for a meal for my birthday I didn’t fall off the path this time. During the meal out, I remained on target and eat until I was full but no more. This was very much, unlike the old days. I used to eat and eat and eat.

Where this story jumps up another gear is that as a present my uncle offered to pay for some personal training sessions. With this, I approached a trainer at Fitness First by the name of Jack Till and we started a training and diet plan. If you’re interested in seeing what Jack has to offer, his Instagram account is @jbtfitness
This brings us right up to date with my journey so far.

I appreciate that that was a very long first blog post, and a little formal in places. Don’t worry now all that is out of the way we are back to being informal and to the point.

Come back soon to read the next instalment of the Post Workout Rush.


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